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Located in the green rolling plains of the Georgian Countryside is the beautiful city of Pendergrass. This small town offers a serene environment away from the hustle of city life. Considering that it is only 15 miles to the southeast of Gainesville, it promises quite considerable access to amenities. Amenities include  The Pendergrass Flea Market, the Nation’s Largest Flea Market. Over time this town has developed into the perfect family town with the mushrooming of new constructions. 

The great peace and tranquility present in the small-town means that most of its life is lived and enjoyed outdoors. As a result, the town’s demand for homes has grown over time. New construction homes in Pendergrass get built by some of the most professionally respected names in the construction industry. These firms are coming up with dream homes and at affordable prices.

The favorable climate in Pendergrass also means that the town experiences higher days of sunshine compared to the national average.

This small town has witnessed the job market increase by 5.3% over the last year. Further, the estimated ten-year employment growth rate revolves around sixty-eight percent. It ranks higher than the estimated US rate of thirty-three percent.

As a result, New Construction homes in Pendergrass have been on the rise. The new construction sites coming up in Pendergrass majorly comprises three and four bedroomed mansions. It reflects directly on why the town is experiencing growth in the real estate industry. The appetite for new homes is at an all-time high. Statistics hold that seventy-seven percent of homeowners live in their houses in the beautiful town. However, twenty-three percent of them are occupied by tenants, explaining the increased rate of demand.

On average, Pendergrass homes for sale have a pocket-friendly negotiable price tag that most prospective buyers would consider the market price. However, some areas have attracted more attention as compared to others for a long time. Some of the most coveted after neighborhoods near Pendergrass, GA are Normaltown, Tanglewood, Beechwood, Oak Bend, Forest Heights. A majority of the mentioned desired areas above offer single-family homes. The town also offers condos and 3-bedroom houses for sale as you move away to neighboring cities.

The home appreciation rate in Pendergrass over the last ten years stands at ten percent. It points out a significant growth in demand for housing in this small town. Projections from research carried out over the past ten years indicate an increasing trend in the margin. According to studies, demand for real estate has grown over time because of a wave of city residents moving to the more serene neighborhoods. 

Pendergrass perfectly meets this description as much as it is gradually meeting the family’s real estate needs!

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