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CEO of Michael Carr & Associates

With The Abundant Life Broker®

Real Estate Sales & Investments

Michael Carr is the Co-Founder and COO of BrandFace, LLC. He is also a real estate branding expert and international bestselling author. As America’s Top Selling Real Estate Auctioneer, he has sold billions of dollars in commercial and residential properties.

"With the confidence of over 81,000 transactions, I help real estate professionals with exclusive sales and personal branding solutions so they can achieve the abundant life they desire."

— Michael Carr, The Abundant Life Broker®

CEO of Michael Carr & Associates, LLC, Co-Founder & COO of BrandFace, LLC (currently) and international bestselling author.

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Michael Carr & Associates

Your real estate team

We specialize in residential and commercial real estate sales from the bustling Atlanta metro area extending north through the beautiful mountains of North Georgia. Our experience includes involvement in the sale of over 81,000 homes through Michael’s experience as a real estate auctioneer and broker.

We see our business as a passion, and our clients as partners - not just prospects.

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3 company divisions

Real estate, investments & auctions.

81,000+ Transactions

Actively involved in the sale of over 78,000 homes.

1,550+ homes

Rehabbed, repaired or improved in North Georgia.

8,400+ auctions

Personally conducted, including charity benefits.

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What Michael Carr & Associates can do for you...

We are here to answer your questions, fill in the blanks, assist you in your own efforts, or handle ALL of your needs from start to finish.

Buying a Home

Michael Carr & Associates offers personalized and knowledgeable service to help find the perfect home for your unique needs.

Buy with us

Selling a Home

Michael Carr & Associates offer effective marketing strategies and market expertise to maximize the sale price of your home.

Sell with us


We offer expert guidance and a track record of success in investing, helping you make informed decisions and achieve financial goals.

Invest with us

Build a Career

We partner with real estate Agents & Brokers struggling to go beyond $4 million in sales that are seeking support to reach $10+ million efficiently & consistently!

Be Somebody

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