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A little about me

Here are Emily’s answers from her brief ‘5 Questions’ interview during our Agent Spotlight:

felt that real estate would be a wonderful opportunity for me to expand professionally. I also felt that the environment of making your own schedule, and pretty much in a sense "getting out what you put in" was a great fit for me and something that I am already used to. It feels like there isn't a cap or glass ceiling for my potential and that is helpful for trying to find something I didn't feel cheated for my time doing. I also found it very exciting to jump into something that is seen as "difficult" and mastering a new, somewhat intimidating ,skill. I'm just overall excited by the possibilities this career could hold for me!

The course work and steep learning curve upfront has been a challenge. But I think mostly due to it being "intimidating". I also have to remind myself that it's probably just imposter's syndrome, and that this is all things I can handle, and well. I just stress I wont be taken seriously in the profession, but I am excited to prove to myself otherwise.

From previous career ventures, I would say communicating to clientele that they can just be real and not put up a "front" is most important for the best results for both parties. I also feel that expressing that it's ok to be nervous or unsure is totally fine as long as they communicate their needs, I can help! Other coworkers I have had I felt put too much of a "front" on to impress. And that did nothing but hinder both theirs and their client's success.

So far, before actually beginning, it has been a great outlet for learning something new and advancing my value as a member of society. I am also excited as this is a stepping stone to get me past my current trials and advance towards my goals.

I am not sure yet. But I find many people are disappointed in the performance of their agent in a few areas including communication, diligence etc. I have noticed in past ventures that I stand out in areas of quick communication, transparency, and delivery. These are skills that will make or break someone in any career, and I am happy to find those things as second nature making this process easier for everyone involved!