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A little about me

Here are Shea’s answers from her brief ‘5 Questions’ interview during our Agent Spotlight:

People. After sitting in a cubicle for years, I felt unfulfilled. Turns out, I was missing interacting and connecting with people. I absolutely love getting to know others, and truly feel that we all learn and grow by being connected to people from all walks of life.

The flexible schedule! For the first 6 months, I would catch myself sitting at my desk waiting for 5 o’clock. It’s a hard but beautiful thing to shake that 9-5 corporate life.

Be faithful in the process. At every closing, it becomes apparent why certain doors were shut and deals fell through; the right person, contract, offer or home will come at precisely the right time. You must be faithful that God will guide and provide.

The excitement! There is nothing greater than watching those first-time homebuyers find their first home, that local investor finds another rental to build their kid’s inheritance, or the seasoned seller cash out hard-earned equity. I always love to look at everyone’s faces immediately after that last signature is done at closing – hurting hands but happy hearts! 😉

Grit + empathy. People say I’m empathetic, which makes it easy for me to jump into a client’s shoes and understand. I can easily relate to someone’s motivation for selling, connection to their current home or fear of buying. Plus, I have a little “southern girl grit”, which means I’ll fight for a client’s best interest ALWAYS.